Meeting The Wild Child

A Journey into the World of Chakras and Fairytales

Bettina Behrend invites us to perceive everything as fresh and alive. Our inner child is full of wisdom. The ‚Wild Child’ in us is not brainwashed by society. It still experiences the world with pure wonder. We adult people believe to know everything. However, we are often stuck in two-dimensional concepts which we then take for real. This book is for all who want to live their life again in more playful ways.

Our universe of emotions and energies can be discovered within the seven main chakras of the Indian tradition. This system of energetic flow and power is known by the name of Yoga in western culture.

Chakra by chakra, Bettina Behrend guides us through fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers, which relate to the same issues. We meet the archetypes in deep struggle, and at the end, we experience their salvation. We can feel like children again. Yes, we can create a whole lot of drama with our emotional body. Or we really release and free ourselves to find our potential – and celebrate and enjoy that!

Bettina Behrend is an Art Coach and Healer. This book showcases her therapy of release with fairy tales. You will also find a collection of supporting practical exercises. Dive into the world of chakras, fairy tales and healing! Ignite your power!

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